Join us on a 3-day somatic-psychedelic healing retreat for women with plant medicines, reiki + somatic therapy.

July 19 - 21, 2024. Fort Erie, Ontario

Retreat Pricing + Registration

Join us on a transformational weekend retreat.

Retreat Agenda

Your Plant Medicine Retreat Itinerary

The Experience

What to expect at your Plant Medicine Retreat

What to Expect

Introduction to Plant Medicines

You will experience two plant medicine journeys while on retreat, part 1 on Friday evening and part 2 on Saturday afternoon. In addition to the plant medicine ceremonies, you will experience 3 powerful cacao integration ceremonies, a shamanic journey, reiki healing treatments, sound and post-retreat group integration.
Cacao Ceremony

Client Intake Process

What you need to know!

Once you have registered with your deposit, you will go through a client intake process where you will be provided with an introduction to plant medicine + your full retreat details which includes all of the information, preparations and what to expect so that you can finalize your registration and complete your client intake. You will have 24-hours to confirm your registration by completing the client intake process. If you decide not to complete registration, your spot will be released and your deposit refunded.
Reiki Healing

Integration Support

Getting the support you need + the most out of your plant medicine experiences

Integration is key to any plant medicine journey which is why we provide 3 cacao integration ceremonies while on retreat, along with a post-retreat group integration call. We highly recommend booking additional integration sessions or joining the HEAL 21-Day Journey for added integration support with plant medicine. Much of the journey actually happens post-retreat, so it is important to continue to bring conscious awareness + somatic healing practices to work with whatever processes arise.
Group Integration

Your Support Team

Plant medicine guidance + somatic healing support

Your Host + Co-facilitator

Somatic Therapy + Integration

Caroline is your host + somatic therapy facilitator while on retreat, she has been a dedicated teacher in mind-body medicine + the healing arts for almost 15 years. She has studied extensively in energy medicine, shamanic practices, somatic healing, meditation and trauma-informed psychotherapy approaches. Caroline's retreats have become life-changing experiences for women.


Plant Medicine Facilitator

Katie is a plant ceremony facilitator who lives with deep intention to help people access their true heart - the part of you that knows exactly who you are + what you need and want. Katie believes that living life with your heart wide open allows you to be fully yourself, to live and love freely, according to what makes you truly happy. The Mode School is excited to have Katie + her beautiful energy co-facilitating this life-changing retreat!
Cacao Ceremony

Retreat FAQs

  • Safety + Support

    As trauma-informed facilitators, know that your feeling safe on retreat is a priority, both individually and within the dynamics of the group. You will be provided with all of the information you need during your registration process, along with pre-retreat preparation support + post-retreat integration. You will have 1:1 time with both facilitators, along with the support of 2 additional assistants while on retreat also.

  • Do I need to have experience with plant medicines to attend?

    This retreat is designed as an introduction to plant medicines with a small ceremony on Friday evening and the main ceremony on Saturday. We include 2 personal preparation sessions so you are supported going into retreat + a group integration session post-retreat. We also highly recommend the HEAL 21-Day Journey as added support (pre or post) for our plant medicine retreats.

  • Preparation for Plant Ceremonies

    It is recommended to follow a protocol for several days leading up to and including the day of, and after the ceremony. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Avoid sugar, dairy, gluten, and red meat. Refrain from consuming alcohol and cannabis a minimum of 1 week prior. Utilizing modalities like meditation, reiki, breathwork, yoga, somatic therapy + psychotherapy leading up to and after can be very beneficial in creating a space for Self understanding, emotional regulation and healing.

  • Is the retreat payment refundable?

    You will have a 24-hour hold upon registering to complete your client intake. If you decide during that time you wish to cancel, your money will be refunded. Once your registration is complete, payments are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, your payment can be transferred to another upcoming retreat, program or services. Please note if you choose to attend another retreat that is of greater value; you will be asked to pay the difference.

  • What to bring on retreat?

    We will provide you with a full list at registration. Please no artificial scents such as perfume, however natural scents such as essential oils, incense, sage, etc. are ok.

  • Medical Disclaimer

    Medication and supplements will be addressed in your client intake form. We are not medical doctors; It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical, mental, or emotional questions or concerns you may have.

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