Join us on a spiritual-psychedelic journey with plants, reiki, sound and somatic movement

July 21 - 23, 2023, Fort Erie ON

Retreat Pricing + Registration

Join us on a transformational weekend retreat.

Retreat Agenda

Your Plant Medicine Retreat Itinerary

The Experience

What to expect at this year's Plant Medicine Retreat

Your Journey

Introduction to Plant Medicines

You will experience two healing plant medicine journeys while on retreat. On Friday we will enjoy a psycho-active (not psychedelic), heart-opening cacao ceremony where we will set our intentions for Saturday's psychedelic psilocybin journey (this is not designed to be a full-on intensive journey but a mid-range experience). All details for your plant medicine ceremony will be addressed in your intake once registered. We will also have our pre-retreat call where you can connect with the other participants, meet your guides, ask questions + get ready mind-body-soul!
Cacao Ceremony

Your Host + Reiki Master-Teacher

Caroline is your host + healer while on retreat, she has been a dedicated teacher in mind-body/somatic coaching + the healing arts for almost 15 years. She has studied extensively in energy medicine, mind-body/somatic coaching, meditation and trauma-informed psychotherapeutic models. Caroline's retreats have become life-changing experiences for women.

Your Plant Ceremony Guide

Katie is a plant ceremony guide who lives with deep intention to help people access their true heart - the part of you that knows exactly who you are + what you need and want. As the founder of the Love Collective Co., Katie is a passionate integrative wellness coach who truly believes that living life with your heart wide open allows you to be fully yourself, to live and love freely, according to what makes you truly happy. The Mode School is excited to have Katie + her beautiful energy at one of our retreats!
Cacao Ceremony

Retreat Preparation

Getting ready for your journey.

Once registered, you will receive an intake form where you can provide all of the necessary health and detailed information for retreat preparation. There will be a pre-retreat preparation call for all participants to ensure questions are answered and everyone is prepared and ready for their plant medicine journey.
Reiki Healing

Post-Retreat Support

Includes group integration coaching.

Integration is key to any plant medicine journey and though we will have Sunday to share in our experiences from our plant medicine journey, it is important that we reconnect post-retreat to continue the awareness and work with whatever is coming up individually and collectively for the group.
Group Integration

Reiki Treatments

1:1 Energy Healing Sessions.

Enjoy a deep healing experience with Reiki energy supporting you on your plant medicine journey. During your treatment you will experience waves of soothing, echoing sound, while being surrounded and supported by high vibrational Reiki healing energy.

Retreat FAQs

  • Preparation for Plant Medicines

    It is recommended to follow a protocol for several days leading up to and including the day of, and after the ceremony. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Avoid sugar, dairy, gluten, and red meat. Refrain from consuming alcohol 2 weeks prior. If this is not possible, then please refrain for a minimum of 3 days before. It is also important to avoid alcohol for a minimum of 1 week AFTER the ceremony. Optimal time-frame is 2 weeks.

  • Medications + Supplements

    Medication and supplements will be addressed in your client intake form and discussed prior to the retreat to ensure all participants individual details are addressed and done so privately.

  • Do I need to have experience with plant medicines to attend?

    This retreat is designed as an introduction to plant medicine and though a deep healing journey is expected; the psychedelic experience is not designed to be a fully intensive plant medicine ceremony but an introduction to working with plant medicine, sound, somatic movement + reiki healing.

  • Safety + Connection

    Safety and connection are a priority at all retreats to establish the right setting for healing. Know that your feeling safe and connected on retreat is important to us, please let one of us know if you need anything while on retreat.

  • Is the retreat payment refundable?

    Due to limited spaces available, deposits are non-refundable. If you have made your balance payment and you are unable to attend due to illness or emergency circumstances at the time of the retreat, your payment can be transferred to another upcoming retreat, program or services. Please note you choose to attend another retreat that is of greater value; you will be asked to pay the difference.

  • What to bring on retreat?

    We will provide you with a full list at registration. Please no artificial scents such as perfume, however natural scents such as essential oils, incense, sage, etc. are ok.