Women are the future of business

"It is not because women aren’t made for entrepreneurship. It is simply because entrepreneurship hasn’t embodied the full intelligence of women ... until now."

Caroline Watters, Founder of The Mode School, International Business Coach, Author of The New Mode of Business: Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship Using the Innate Intelligence of Women & The Idea Guide for Women in Entrepreneurship: The step-by-step guide to creating a business plan
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Welcome to the Mode School

It's time to revolutionize entrepreneurship using the innate intelligence of women

Hear from a few of our graduates ...

Mode Alumni Network

Amanda Welton

"I am so grateful for my experience in this program! Caroline is an innovative trail-blazer who will inspire you to follow your heart and make the business of your dreams into a reality. I started with just an idea and ended the program ready to launch my business."

Mode Alumni Network

Angie Mallory

"If this program crosses your path I promise you it’s exactly what you need. The value here is beyond what you can imagine and the learning is unlike anything you’ll find in most business training, dare I say any business training."

Mode Alumni Network

Emmy Pickering

"This program is an incredible portal to help you navigate where you're heading in business, share ideas with others and find the unique energy YOU have to bring to the world through your work!

Professional Coaching Certification

Mode's Founder, Marketing Strategist & Coaching Mentor

It's time to do business like a woman.

Caroline Watters is the founder of The Mode School, author, highly sought-after business coach, inspirational speaker, meditation facilitator, and a marketing strategist with almost two decades of experience working with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, as well as some of Canada’s top business education institutions. Caroline's Mind-Body Modology is the foundation of the school and its programs which have been designed to leverage a woman's innate feminine intelligence; this approach produces meaningful businesses and a much deeper alignment for lasting success both personally and professionally.
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A Business Building & Coaching Program

Using the Best in Business

Building a better business program for women

Entrepreneur Mode was designed in-part with world-renowned entrepreneur, David Ceolin, author of the international best-seller, The Idea Guide: The step by step guide for planning and running your own business. David is a successful entrepreneur, author, investor and father of two daughters who has been involved in the entrepreneurial sector for over 30 years. He has witnessed firsthand the capability of women in business and their ability to outperform against man-led startups.

What we have learned about women ...

  • Women are natural entrepreneurs with passionate, heart-led ideas

  • Women succeed far more easily when they do business like a woman

  • Women build better businesses using their innate feminine intelligence

  • Women feel better and have more confidence when they do business like a woman

  • Women need support, encouragement and inspiration from one another in business

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We asked our Alumni:

What advice do you have for other women who are considering business?