Become a Somatic Meditation Facilitator

Our 40-hour somatic meditation facilitator training is an online self-study program that has been designed to teach you how to deliver powerful guided meditations using a somatic approach.

What is Somatic Meditation

“Somatic” means “relating to the body”

Somatic meditation uses mind-body techniques to work with + release energy that’s weighing on our mental, emotional, physical + spiritual well-being in order to resolve, rebalance + restore the optimal flow of energy to our be-ing.
What is somatic meditation

Why Somatics?

Gain profound healing + wisdom

Somatic meditation can help a person learn to use their bodies, trust their bodies and notice when they are having a physical response to something going on in their minds. Somatic meditation can help us learn to re-gain control of these body sensations to tame our minds, regulate our nervous system + build emotional resilience to allow for a more authentic self to emerge.
Why use somatics?

What to Expect?

Get ready for a powerful + transformative healing journey that starts from within.

"I am blown away by how greatly improved my 'felt connection' with clients has become since the somatic meditation program - I have only begun and I am so happy with the benefits." ~Jennifer Wahls
What to expect

Who is this training right for?

Somatic meditation can truly benefit anyone

Whether this is your first time embarking on a meditation journey, or you have studied many different schools of meditation; somatic meditation can support in a wide range of issues such as nervous system regulation, personal/professional development, spiritual development, trauma/mental health issues, addiction, grief, depression, stress, anxiety and many more.
Who is right for this training?

Get started on your training!

Use somatic meditation to powerfully transform everything from your health, well-being, relationships, careers + business etc.

Your Teacher + Guide

Let's get started!

Caroline Watters has been a dedicated teacher in the healing arts for over a decade, with training in Usui Reiki, Shamanism, Integrated Energy Therapy, Meditation + Crystal Healing. She is the founder of The Mode School, an award-winning Somatic Coach, Energy Therapist, Entrepreneur, Author + mom of 2 boys.