Heal with Her is a powerful sacred space for women to heal, grow + evolve.

February 2 - 4, 2024

Retreat Location

Enjoy the magical waterfront energy at Zen on the Lake, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

The Experience

What to expect at this year's Heal with Her Retreat

Retreat Itinerary

Whether you are joining us for the entire weekend or all-day Saturday, know that every session has been sequenced + designed to take you on a transformative healing journey. Our desire for each participant at Heal with Her is to spend sacred time honouring + taking essential care of the Self.

Somatic Coaching

Caroline is your Heal with Her host, she has been a dedicated teacher in mind-body coaching + the healing arts for well over a decade; her retreats have become life-changing experiences for women. On retreat, Caroline provides somatic coaching, mind-body tools, techniques + exercises to get you back into connection with your own inner wisdom.

Cacao Ceremony

Our healers welcome participants into a sacred space each day with a powerful heart-opening cacao ceremony. Cacao ceremonies date back to the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. While cacao is most definitely mood boosting + stimulating, it's not considered a psychedelic. Your experience at the retreat in drinking cacao will be one of relaxation, joy + connection.
Cacao Ceremony

Reiki Healing

You will experience Reiki as a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you, supporting you throughout your entire retreat journey. Reiki treats the whole person at every level: mental, emotional, physical + spiritual. It is effective in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect for the recipient. Reiki will be a part of the entire weekend, as will our Reiki Guides; this high vibrational multidimensional healing energy always brings magical and mystical experiences.
Reiki Healing

Breathwork Ceremony

The Breathwork Ceremony led by Amanda Welton is a powerful process of somatic surrender + release. You will be provided with a separate intake and preparation for your breathwork session prior to attending the retreat. Breathwork can help heal at the root because it bypasses the conscious mind to dive deeper into the layers of the psyche. It is an embodied practice that brings awareness to our breath and can facilitate shifting into a regulated nervous system, promoting feelings of safety, connection and harmony.
Breathwork with Amanda Welton

Sound Bath with Reiki

Enjoy a deep meditative experience in a sound bath + group reiki healing session. During this 90-minute treatment you will experience waves of soothing, echoing sound, while being surrounded and supported by high vibrational Reiki healing energy. This healing session is in preparation for the breathwork ceremony.

Tarot Readings

There is nothing more healing than a tarot reading with Isabel. Her deep intention to guide you with truth, vulnerability, + love is exactly the dose of medicine needed for every journey. Participants who join the full weekend retreat will receive a personal tarot reading from Isabel on Friday night. Bring a journal because you will want to capture everything!
Tarot Readings

Live Music

Music is one of the worlds greatest healing tools + an important piece of the heal with her experience. Holly Smith Music is back with her beautiful voice and soulful lyrics to add some healing energy into our Saturday evening soul-sharing circle. Sing along, maybe even request a song but at the very least allow your body to tune to those soft vocals and acoustic healing frequencies.
Holly Smith Music

Shamanic Journey

Close out your Saturday evening on a shamanic journey to the middle world to meet your spirit guides, commune with nature, and do distance healing work. When you journey in the Middle World, you are in present time, traveling through our physical landscape, learning about how to restore balance in our lives.
Shamanic Journey

Manifestation Circle

A heal with her tradition, the manifestation circle led by Caroline is a powerful close to an incredible weekend + you won't want to miss it. This experience with your soul sisters is deeply moving, inspiring + full of manifesting magic! So bring what your heart truly desires + we will help you with the rest.

Retreat FAQs

  • What should I bring on retreat?

    Once registered, we send you a list of what to bring, along with any intake forms , retreat address, dietary restrictions, pre-retreat preparations + post-retreat support resources.

  • What is included in the Saturday Day Pass?

    Guests who purchase a Saturday Day Pass + not staying with us for the weekend are welcome to join us from breakfast in the morning until we close out the evening with a Shamanic Journey. You are required to be there no later than 10am for ceremony.

  • Do I need to have experience with healing to attend?

    Truly, it is my belief that you only need to feel called to this retreat, in order to know you are meant to attend. I trust if you desire to be there, you are meant to be. whether you are new to healing or not. However, it is important to note that this will be intensive healing experience, so you will want to ensure you have the proper time set aside to process whatever comes up for you.

  • What preparations should be made for this retreat?

    We will provide you with a retreat preparation guide that will include suggestions like start to slow down, become more mindful, ground your energy, eat a clean diet, drink lots of water, limit or omit alcohol, cannabis, high amounts of sugar + create a post-retreat self-care plan.

  • Is the retreat payment refundable?

    Due to limited spaces available, deposits are non-refundable. If you have made your balance payment and you are unable to attend due to illness or emergency circumstances at the time of the retreat, your payment can be transferred to another upcoming retreat, program or services. Please note you choose to attend another retreat that is of greater value; you will be asked to pay the difference.