It's time to do things differently.

The Mode School's life + business programs are designed using a holistic approach teaching highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic women how to leverage their innate intelligence, talents and gifts to reach their full potential.

Mind-Body Coach Certification Program

Become a certified mind-body coach with MODE and begin a meaningful career transforming the lives of others!

Entrepreneur Mode

Business programs designed for heart-led entrepreneurs who want to create a successful business with purpose, passion + life-balance.

MODE's Founder

It's time to do things differently.

Caroline Watters is the founder of The Mode School, she is an author, a highly sought-after women's coach, intuitive healer, inspirational speaker, business educator and marketing strategist with almost two decades of experience working with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, as well as Canada’s top business education institutions.
Image of Mode's Founder, Caroline Watters

What we have learned about women ...

  • Women are natural creators (and therefore natural entrepreneurs) with meaningful, passionate, heart-led ideas that are meant for this world

  • Women succeed far more easily when they do business like a woman vs. adopting the dysfunctional masculine model of business

  • Women create maximum success (and happiness) in their lives and businesses using their innate feminine intelligence

  • Women feel better and have more confidence when they give themselves permission to embody their true talent, gifts and experience

  • Women thrive with the support, encouragement and inspiration they receive from a network of like-minded women

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Welcome to the Mode School

It's time to revolutionize our lives and businesses using the innate intelligence of women