The Mode School

For highly sensitive souls + wellness professionals.

Somatic Design

4-week Personal + Group Integrative Healing Programs

Our personal + group somatic design programs use the innate intelligence of the body, along with modern + ancient healing techniques to create a powerful self-discovery, healing + empowerment process that has been designed to support health + wellness professionals, healers, coaches + highly sensitive souls in doing their essential inner work.
Somatic Design Program
  • When we are connected to our body (a.k.a. soma); we are connected to our innate intelligence + our ability to feel safe which simultaneously produces our ability to feel free

  • When the body stores imprints of unresolved, overwhelming experiences, they become the narrator of our negative thoughts, unsafe feelings + coping behaviours that keep our lives limited

  • Processing stored overwhelm + the associated emotions in the mind-body allows us to move into a conscious state of living, where we have rebuilt a bridge to safety while simultaneously opening a door to our personal freedom

  • Healing the imprints of overwhelming experiences through the body greatly improves our mental, emotional, physical + energetic capacity for living a truly authentic + harmonious life

  • Building a business with the mind, body + soul in conscious alignment allows entrepreneurs to let go of the limitations to find the freedom to create their most authentic + successful vision

Usui Reiki Practitioner Certification

Learn Reiki level I+II while on retreat

Learn Usui Reiki Level I+II on a magical 3-day retreat-style training on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. This dual-level training is designed for health + wellness professionals, healers, + coaches who want to start their own Reiki practice, incorporate it into an existing practice, or simply learn a powerful somatic modality for healing.
Usui Reiki Practitioner Certification

Plant Medicine Retreat

Pre-register for the next retreat! (July is sold out)

Join us on a 3-day spiritual-psychedelic healing retreat with plant medicine, reiki, sound and somatic movement at Zen on the Lake in Fort Erie, ON. All participants will receive post-retreat support for healing integration.
Heal with Her

1:1 Business Coaching

Mind-body-business coaching + professional business building program

The Conscious Mind-Body-Business Accelerator supports highly sensitive women in creating, building + growing a business. In 1:1 coaching, Caroline takes you through a deep mind-body-business discovery to bring awareness + healing to your core operating system as an entrepreneur. From there, we hone in on your idea, develop a solid strategy + begin to build out a brand + business that truly reflects your vision.
Heal with Her

Mode's Founder

It's time to live + work differently.

Caroline is an Integrative Energy Therapist, Founder of The Mode School, and author of ‘The New Mode of Business: Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship Using the Innate Intelligence of Women”. Caroline combines her decades of work in somatic therapy and ancient healing to support highly sensitive souls and wellness professionals. Caroline is also a business mentor and marketing strategist who has worked with 100’s of women, helping them to build and grow conscious businesses that make a positive difference in their lives and in the world.
Image of Mode's Founder, Caroline Watters