A life + business school designed to support women who want to heal, learn + evolve

It's time to start doing things differently.

The Conscious Business Accelerator

1:1 Business Coaching + Online Business Planning Program

Somatic Soul Design

1:1 Somatic Coaching + Online Integration Program

Designed to support health + wellness professionals, healers, coaches, + highly sensitive souls in doing their essential work.

Somatic Soul Adventures

Transform your life at one of our upcoming events.

Somatic Soul Adventures is all about experiencing something that enlivens, inspires, heals + transforms. Join us on one of our adventures + let your soul lead for a while.
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MODE's Founder

It's time to do things differently.

Caroline Watters is the founder of The Mode School, she is mother of 2 boys (her youngest is non-verbal with Autism), an author, a highly sought-after women's coach, intuitive healer, inspirational speaker, educator and marketing strategist with almost two decades of experience working with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, as well as Canada’s top business education institutions. "The School came from a deep desire to support highly sensitive + empathic women in doing things differently because let's face it ... every woman is far more successful when they operate ... like a woman."
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What we have learned about women ...

  • Women are natural creators (and therefore natural entrepreneurs) with meaningful, passionate, heart-led ideas that are meant for this world

  • Women succeed far more easily when they do business like a woman vs. adopting the dysfunctional masculine model of business

  • Women create maximum success (and happiness) in their lives and businesses using their innate feminine intelligence

  • Women feel better and have more confidence when they give themselves permission to embody their true talent, gifts and experience

  • Women thrive with the support, encouragement and inspiration they receive from a network of like-minded women

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Welcome to the Mode School

It's time to revolutionize our lives and businesses using the innate intelligence of women