A powerful mind-body approach to self-discovery, healing + empowerment

Are you dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or trauma? Identifying our core wounds + processing our stored emotional memories in the mind-body, allows us to move into a conscious state of authentic living in our present lives where we can begin to heal, regulate and repair our connection back to wholeness. If you work with others and are experiencing burnout --- this is especially important for you!

What is Somatic Design?

A mind-body therapy + healing approach.

Somatic Design is a transformative process that utilizes the sôma (body) as an intelligent blueprint to discover, heal + empower the Self. Sessions provide a powerful sacred space that is confidential, safe + fully supported so that you can do your deeper core work to address early childhood wounds, adaptive behaviours + coping patterns that continue to keep you disconnected from your body, emotions + authentic self.

Who is Somatic Design Right For?

A deep inner child healing experience.

Somatic Design is right for anyone who is seeking a holistic mind-body process + integrative approach to healing, therapy + personal development. Any highly sensitive person and/or health + wellness professional who is supporting others would greatly benefit from this depth of work; and creating sacred space + time for their needs.

What you will learn in Somatic Design:

  • How to use the key tools: somatic awareness, the 3 levels of compassion, mind-body inquiry, and nervous system repair to recover your authentic Self

  • Building a deeper understanding + relationship to your body, nervous system + core wounds (survival mind-body blueprint)

  • Working somatically with maladapted beliefs, protective energy patterns, safety ruptures + limitations/restrictions stored in the body

  • Repairing autonomic nervous system functioning to aid in emotional regulation (supporting anxiety, depression etc.)

  • How to re-build + repair secure attachment through the use of deep self-compassion + inner child techniques

Working with Caroline

We all deserve to feel safe enough to heal + reclaim our personal power.

Caroline combines her 15 years of work in somatic therapy and ancient healing to support women in reclaiming their authentic Self. A Certified Mind-Body Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher + Somatic Therapist, currently completing Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training Program, a psychotherapeutic approach to healing trauma.

"It is only when compassion is present that people allow themselves to see the truth."

~ A.H. Almaas

A Sacred Healing Space.

Safety is at the heart of the tools we use in healing which is why every session is designed to hold you in a sacred space.