Our Mind-Body Modology

We believe women naturally possess what it takes to be successful in business; it just needs to be enabled. The Mode School teaches a new way for women to build a business using innate feminine intelligence.

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'Just say no' to the dysfunctional masculine model of business.

It is time for women to start doing business differently ...

  • It is time to trust in one’s natural intuition and passion as a foundation in business

  • It is time to value the balance between left brain logic and right brain creativity in the workplace

  • It is time to leverage emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence, heart intelligence, and gut intelligence as valid and strong tools in creating your most successful life and career

  • It is time to understand, and advertise, the need for work-life balance

  • It is time to be more successful in business and feel good in it, too.

The Mind-Body Modology

It is time to leverage a new mode of operating that honours our mind-body ecosystem and values emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence, heart intelligence, and gut intelligence.

Hear from a few of our graduates

Mode Alumni Network

Laura Dawson

“This program is a game-changer. This isn't typical business, it's a program that awakens your true purpose and abilities. If you were going to invest in something, this program is it!”

Mode Alumni Network

Denise Besic

“This program will catapult your business not only by generating sales but also by teaching you how to honour your energy and value your worth. The support from Caroline and fellow entrepreneurs is invaluable.”

Mode Alumni Network

Jessica Fackelmann

“Caroline is exactly what you need for your business. Whether you are just in the idea stage or you have been running a business for years she will take you to the next level and open your mind to so many more possibilities than you ever imagined!”

A better business program for women

There is another way to build a meaningful business

The New Mode of Business

It's time to start doing business like a woman

Caroline Watters is the founder of The Mode School, author, highly sought-after business coach, inspirational speaker, meditation facilitator, and a marketing strategist with almost two decades of experience working with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, as well as some of Canada’s top business education institutions. Caroline shines an important spotlight on what is fundamentally missing for women in entrepreneurship. Derived from coaching hundreds of women, her Mind-Body-Business Modology highlights the importance of women leveraging their innate feminine intelligence, natural talents and gifts to produce a more successful outcome (and to feeling good while doing it).
Image of Mode's Founder, Caroline Watters

Using the Best in Business

Building a better business program

Entrepreneur Mode was designed in-part with world-renowned entrepreneur, David Ceolin, author of the international best-seller, The Idea Guide: the step by step guide for planning and running your own business. David is a successful entrepreneur, author, investor and father of two daughters who has been involved in the entrepreneurial sector for over 30 years. He has witnessed firsthand the capability of women in business and their ability to outperform against man-led startups.

Entrepreneur Mode

It is time to build a strategic and rewarding business using a new mode that values a woman's innate intelligence..

Entrepreneur Mode is a 12-week coaching and business building program designed for women who are looking to build a meaningful and rewarding business. In the program you will learn how to cultivate your idea, create a solid business-marketing strategy, develop sales confidence and map out a financial plan for success.

Coach Mode

Certify in the Mind-Body Modology to begin transforming the lives and businesses of others.

Coach Mode is a 6-month coaching certification program with lifetime access that is rooted in psychology, science and spirituality. If you are ready to start a rewarding career as a coach that helps to transform the lives of others, we we offer our students the most relevant and fulsome coaching certification program that includes our Mind-Body-Modology training, a meditation intensive, the entire Coach Mode toolkit, and a 2-month coach-the-coach practicum where you will hone your skills.
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We asked our Alumni:

What advice do you have for other women who are considering business?