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Tuning into your innate intelligence is the only way of creating deep inner and outer alignment. Using Meditation Mode's active guided meditation approach, you can learn how to completely transform your personal and professional life.

"Caroline’s guided meditation sessions are on another level. I am hooked on the wisdom she shares and the experiences I have while in meditation; they have made profound changes in my life."

- Violet Ewa, Meditation Mode

"Using the Mind-Body method in meditation has truly transformed not only my life but also my business. From tuning into my purpose to creating my programs I find I have increased focus, creativity and motivation.

- Catherine Henry, Meditation Mode

This is not your typical meditation ...

We use an active guided meditation method that is easy for beginners and produces powerful transformations for all. Meditation Mode connects the mind with the body to tune you into your innate wisdom where consciousness expands and intentional energy, frequency and vibration is used to heal, integrate, shift and transform.

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The Active Guided Meditation Difference

Meditation Mode Programs

When you take both 20-hour programs you are eligible to complete your 100-hour Certified Teacher Training.

Upcoming Live Teacher Training is August 5 - 26th.

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It's time to get into Meditation Mode ...

Get started in The Art of Healing Program

It's time to get into Meditation Mode ...

Register for Certified Meditation Teacher Training this August 5 - 26th, 2021

Live training calls are Thursdays at 7:30PM

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Our 100-Hour CMT training is scheduled 4-times per year (May, August, November & March). Important: You must have have taken 2 prerequisite Meditation Mode Programs in order to complete your 100-Hour CMT

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Experiencing Profound Transformation

Your Meditation Teacher, Facilitator & Coach

Caroline Watters is the founder of The Mode School; she is a highly sought-after women's coach, author, marketing strategist and meditation facilitator. With over a decade of teaching meditation, healing and intuitive development, Caroline is passionate about empowering women to use their innate intelligence to create deep alignment in their lives and businesses. Her use of active guided meditation and visualization practices have become the foundational tools in facilitating powerful change and transformation for her clients.

The Mind-Body Connection

Our innate intelligence comes from the connection we create with our most powerful sources of wisdom; our body and intuition. In Meditation Mode, we are then able to interpret the language of the body and intuition through the mind (using both left and right brain) to powerfully transform our lives and businesses.