Go on an adventure that transforms your life!

Our Somatic Soul Adventures are happening all over Ontario, Canada.

Yoga Dome 1/2 Day Retreat

Sunday February 26, 2023. Fort Erie, ON

The yoga dome 1/2 day retreat is a mid-winter restorative reset in a beautiful natural space (with a warm wood stove)! We open with a sacred cacao ceremony to connect to our hearts + healing intention. Each participant will receive a powerful Reiki healing attunement, followed by a deeply restorative breathwork session, that is supported by Reiki + the use of healing crystals. Breathwork facilitated by Amanda Welton @lavendertusk + Reiki facilitated by Caroline Watters @themodeschool

Soulfire Fitness

4-hr Women's Wellness Retreats (Dec 4, Jan 8, Feb 12 + Mar 5)

Soulfire Fitness combines the power of coaching, kickboxing, yoga and meditation to create a space for intentionally-focused emotional release work, making this the ultimate class for women to relieve stress, learn to love and listen to their body, let go of overwhelm and start to create a life they love!

Heal with Her Retreat

January 27 - 29, 2022 Fort Erie, ON

Heal with Her Women's Retreat is a powerful sacred space for women to heal, grow + evolve. If you are looking for a deeply transformative + healing experience, this retreat has been fully sequenced + designed for your ultimate spiritual journey.