It's time for women to take up space in entrepreneurship + build conscious businesses that align with their lives; leverage their unique talents; fuel their deepest passions + truly help the world.

It's time for women to do business differently ...

  • It is time to trust in our ideas, follow our passions + believe in our potential

  • It is time to empower the full use of our lived experiences, talents + gifts

  • It is time to use our intuition as THE superpower in business that it truly is

  • It is time for women to blaze their own business trail + follow their dreams

1-on-1 Strategy Session with MODE's Founder

In the Accelerator you will receive a powerful 1-on-1, 90-minute strategy session with Caroline to get you rolling, along with an energy assessment to help you get into greater alignment in your business. Caroline is passionate about helping women succeed, she brings almost two decades of business-marketing experience and has worked with hundreds of women to help them reach their full potential in life and business.

Monthly workshops + 1-on-1 coaching support to stay aligned.

Consistent coaching is key when it comes to creating success as an entrepreneur, especially when the balance of life + business is what matters. The Accelerator is designed to provide you with the continual coaching you need to feel supported, stay focused + be confident as you grow your business.
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Professional Business Training

It's time to start doing business like a woman.

At MODE we recognize the value in women being taught (like women) how to operate, create and build a successful business. Our online business programs have been designed using the best-selling business book, "The Idea Guide". The Idea Guide's author, successful entrepreneur + business investor, David Ceolin partnered with Caroline Watters at The Mode School to write the revised edition of The Idea Guide for Women Entrepreneurs + develop the online business programs women truly need to be successful in life + business.
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EVOLVE Virtual Business Retreats

FREE for Accelerator Members

"The Evolve Retreat was exactly what I needed to light a fire back inside of me and get me excited about my business again! I have felt a bit lost on my path lately and I now have clarity and a plan!" - @thecrunchiecanine Accelerator members get free access to our online EVOLVE Business Retreats ($220 value). If you + your business need to re-focus + re-fuel mind, body + soul ... these unique business retreats are a powerful awakening to take you to the next level.

The Mode Alumni Network

We Rise Together.

Women naturally possess everything it takes to be wildly successful in business, especially together. A strong, supportive sisterhood creates an innovative haven for women in business + an opportunity to rise together! At MODE, our Alumni Network is where you will meet some of the most talented, intuitive, creative and heart-centered humans I have ever encountered in the business world.

The true value of the Accelerator

You'll have access to everything a business + entrepreneur needs to grow:

  • Business Education

    Business school can cost up to $200,000 and take up to 4+ years to complete. In the Accelerator you get access to a proven and professional business program that was built using the best-selling book 'The Idea Guide' (now revised for women). This powerful online business building, planning + strategy program is designed to get you growing!

  • Online Marketing Strategy

    Scaling a business requires a solid online marketing strategy and that relies on a true understanding of your market, ideal client, and offerings. A professional marketing strategist can cost a business $10,000 to $150,000/year. The Accelerator is designed + taught by professional marketing strategists, so you will get TONS of marketing support.

  • Business Coaching

    Powerful coaching that grows you + your business. Hiring a business coach with significant professional experience can cost anywhere from $15,000 - $50,000+/year. In the Accelerator you have access to monthly group business coaching and a powerful 1-on-1 business strategy session with Caroline to get YOU + your vision aligned (a $250 value)!

  • Financial Planning

    Growing and scaling your business, being able to make critical decisions now and in the future, as well as preparation for acquiring funding will require you to have a solid financial plan for your entrepreneurial journey. The Accelerator not only teaches you what you need to know but also provides you with the templates to have a solid financial foundation for your business.

  • Sales Development

    Successful businesses have solid sales processes run by Sales Executives earning $75,000 to $150,000. Without these individuals to design and manage the sales process it can take years to iterate if not planned well from the beginning. In our program, you will leverage our years of designing sales processes for new and growing businesses.

  • Network of Peer Support

    The cost of a supportive network is priceless. Entrepreneurs who are successful report having a peer group to bounce off ideas, work through challenges, and keep each other inspired and accountable. The Accelerator gives you access to an incredible network of passionate and supportive women in business where together we GROW.

Powerful Coaching

Take a conscious mind-body + feminine intelligence approach to business.

Coaching at MODE offers a powerful gateway into working with innate intelligence (think highly developed intuition, emotional and spiritual intelligence). We are not only our 'left-brain' but rather, a multi-dimensional whole being of both physical and non-physical vibrational layers interacting with all other energy in the Universe (whoa, crazy sophisticated right?!). The wisdom accessed by activating the whole self is powerful and women who are naturally sensitive, intuitive and empathic have an untapped gift when it comes to using innate intelligence to create a successful life and business.

It's time for women to do business differently ...

  • It is time to trust in our ideas, follow our passions + believe in our potential

  • It is time to empower the full use of our lived experiences, talents + gifts

  • It is time to use our intuition as THE superpower in business that it truly is

  • It is time for women to blaze their own business trail + follow their dreams


Make the right investment in you and your business.

Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire program is based online so you can participate from home or work. All course materials, including videos, templates, exercises and additional resources are within our online learning portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow Entrepreneur Mode students and Caroline online.
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Learn at Your Own Pace

We recognize that business doesn't happen overnight and that as women, we will always have a number of things we are juggling ... so our business programs are designed for you to learn at your own pace + to easily access what you need, when you need it.
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We asked our Alumni:

What advice do you have for other women who are considering business?