1:1 Somatic Soul Design Coaching Program

A powerful self-discovery, healing + empowerment process.

Designed to support health + wellness professionals, healers, coaches + highly sensitive souls in doing their essential inner work.

What is Somatic Soul Design?

Your body holds the blueprint.

A Powerful 1:1 Coaching Space.

Somatic Soul Design integrates ancient healing, tools + techniques in every 1:1 coaching session to address the whole Self.

What to expect in Somatic Soul Design:

  • A safe + sacred space that fully supports you in doing your deepest work

  • A powerful healing process that brings out the most authentic version of you

  • 1:1 coaching that supports true self awareness, innate intelligence + your soul's wisdom

  • A set of working SSD blueprints that are unique to your Self understanding + development

  • A customized set of somatic tools that support the work identified in your blueprints

  • Diverse learning supports + resources to self-educate in the areas of psychotherapy, quantum science + eastern medicine that support further integration of the work done with your blueprints

Our Faculty + the Right Fit.

Working with Caroline

I am with you every step of the way!

From our deep discovery session onward, I am here to bring out the most authentic + truest parts of you. I have been working with the powerful alchemy of energy medicine + somatic coaching for over a decade + it has been through my work with hundreds of clients, alongside my own deep healing journey with depression, anxiety, and trauma, that I have come to understand it is all about understanding YOU. Our greatest healing + transformation can happen when we lean into the journey of truly understanding ourselves (+ our stories with a compassionate lens). S. Kelley Harrell puts it best, “You don't find light by avoiding the darkness.” Knowing the truth of who you really are + building resilience within the authentic Self is 'the work'.
Working with Caroline

Your Integrated Support Team

Professionals who do their work, too!

Our certified coaches are professional working coaches + dedicated energy healers who are committed to 'doing their own work', along with serving their clients. This is a very important distinction ... we can only take our clients as far as we have gone ourselves. The coaching process is designed to support you in building a strong foundation of emotional + innate intelligence; to feel fully safe + supported as you work on deeper levels of self awareness, healing + actualization that allow you to emerge with greater authenticity, resiliency + alignment. Our extended team is here to support you with an integrative approach to your healing, by recommendation, some of your sessions may be with one of our integrative practitioners.
Your Support Team

Who is Right for Somatic Soul Design Work?

This is the real inner work we all truly need.

The SSD program is for anyone who is seeking a holistic, somatic + integrative approach to healing, growth + personal-professional development. It has been specifically designed to support health + wellness professionals, healers, coaches + highly sensitive souls who are in positions of helping others. Doing 'the work' becomes essential for those who are sensitive to energy.

Pricing + Registration

We offer affordable monthly payment options so you can do your work + get the support you need without the financial stress.