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Train in Mode's Somatic Soul Design Method + learn a powerful process that supports deep transformation through the alchemy of somatic coaching + ancient healing practices.

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This program is a deeply transformative and spiritual process for each student. Be prepared for magic to happen in all areas of your life when you embark on this journey.

Coach Mode will help you:

  • Learn the skills and tools needed for coaching excellence

  • Step into your authentic voice and power as a coach

  • Understand the various ways in which others heal

  • Develop your intuitive, emotional, heart, and gut intelligence

  • Learn how to use the Mind-Body Modology in-session

  • Develop your coaching skills through coaching other coaches

  • Understand the audience you serve and your coaching niche

  • Learn strategies and techniques to become confident in any situation

  • Understand the ethics and principals of coaching


Feel free to schedule a FREE coaching call and you can experience some Mode Coaching along with getting your questions answered.

3 important reasons why you should become a Certified Mode Coach:

  • Fulfill your purpose and embody your true potential to guide others toward healing, transformation and positive change.

    If you feel drawn to coaching, or have realized that you are the go-to person for everyone in your life and you have been acting like a pseudo coach for years, then it is time to step into your purpose and fulfill your true potential.

  • Build an independent coaching practice with flexible hours and an uncapped earning potential.

    Not only are you able to work from home or anywhere in the world for that matter, becoming a successful coach also allows you to create your own schedule, live a life of less stress, enjoy more freedom and tap into your true earning potential.

  • Actively promote and contribute to human development on an individual and global scale.

    Coaching is an incredibly rewarding career which allows you the opportunity to work locally and globally in many different ways, with many different people, whether in one-on-one format, live events or through online group programs.

Your Teacher & Coaching Mentor

We are here to learn, grow & powerfully transform

Mode Coaches learn a powerful blend of science, psychology, healing and spirituality with Caroline's Mind-Body Modology as the foundation of her somatic coaching approach. Derived from over a decade of working in the intuitive + healing arts, alongside working with hundreds of women and coaches, Coach Mode teaches how to develop and leverage one's innate intelligence to activate a deep inner alignment which provides the necessary healing, truth and power for growth
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Program Pricing, Schedule & Registration

It's time to build a professional coaching practice

Program Details

Everything you need to know in order to make the best investment in you and your coaching career.

Mind-Body Modology Training

We believe that women naturally possess what it takes to be successful in life and business; it just needs to be enabled. The Mode School certifies coaches and teaches entrepreneurs a new operating system designed specifically for women, that leverages their innate feminine intelligence and honours a mind-body ecosystem that values our mental, emotional, intuitive, gut, and heart intelligences.
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Live Coaching Calls

The program includes 24 live weekly coaching calls with Caroline to help you rapidly progress in your development as a powerful coach for your clients. Each week you will not only learn about the transformational coaching tools and methods that make a massive impact in creating positive change but you will also see them in action and have the opportunity to be coached and witness others being coached. These live coaching calls with Caroline are truly invaluable on your journey to becoming a successful and confident coach.
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Personal Transformation

The Coach Mode program is not only designed to help you transform the lives of others but it also acts as a personal transformation program for you! In fact, there are some people who choose to take the program for their own personal development and self-transformation process. Whether you are looking to create change and alignment in your personal life, add mind-body coaching to an existing business, or start your own coaching practice, the Mode School is here to help support you on your journey.
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Coaching Practicum

A very important part of the Coach Mode program is the coaching practicum where you will spend 3-months coaching your fellow coaches (or other people in your life) to accumulate the practical experience needed to develop your skills and feel confident in your ability as a Mode Coach. To complete your certification, the Mode School requires 40hrs of coaching case studies, along with a 1.5hr final assessment with Caroline or one of our Master Coaches.
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Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire program is based online so you can participate from home or work. All course materials, including videos, templates, exercises and additional resources are within our online learning portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow Coach Mode students and Caroline online.
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How Much Time You’ll Need

Ideally we recommend between 4-6 hours per week to join the live coaching call, watch the course content, and complete the exercises. The 3-month coach practicum will require additional time for your practice coaching sessions. Naturally, the more practice, focus and commitment you can put into the program, the more you’ll get out of it and the bigger impact you will make in the lives of others as a coach.

You Get Out What You Put In

Coach Mode is for women who are serious about becoming an incredible, well-rounded and well-educated coach. This is why we provide a fulsome 6-month program that trains both the 'inner and outer coach'. We want you to discover who you truly are, along with developing an understanding of the science, psychology, and spirituality aspects of coaching and this kind of transformational work, so that you can make your greatest impact in this world as a Mode Certified Coach.
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The True Value of the Program

There are many coaching certification programs offered in various durations and depths of study. At the Mode School, we felt it was important to create a fulsome 6-month immersive coaching certification program in order to give you all of the tools, methods, knowledge and practical experience you need to hit the ground running and start making an immediate impact in your life and the lives of your clients. We want to ensure our coaches have the experience, knowledge and practical case study hours they need to be fully effective in their craft which is why our program offers a 3-month practicum for coaches-in-training.


Here are a few common questions asked:

  • Do I have to complete my certification at the end of the 6-months?

    No, not at all. You are able to complete your certification anytime you wish, or just take the program for your own personal development. Either way, we provide you with lifetime access so you can stay on top of your game!

  • Do the 40 coaching certification hours have to be with other coaches in the program?

    You have 3 months to coach your fellow coaches-in-training in the program where a portion of these hours can be applied to your 40 hours. Your remaining hours can be completed with people outside of the program at any time.

  • Does certification cost extra?

    There is a $150 assessment fee to complete your certification and have your certificate mailed.


Book a FREE 30-minute coaching call with Caroline and see what all the transformation is about!

P.S. Don't worry, these are not icky sales calls ... this is about showing you the power of what even 30-minutes of coaching can do for your life and business!