A 200-Hour Multi-disciplinary Certification Program for Highly Sensitive Women

Designed with career pathways to work as a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Somatic Coach +/or Meditation Facilitator.

Somatic Coach Certification Details

Do the work that truly helps the world heal.

Becoming a multi-disciplinary coach will help you:

  • Build a multi-faceted practice in the growing health + wellness industry

  • Learn how to use the powerful Somatic Soul Design process with your clients

  • Offer a holistic approach to coaching that integrates ancient healing practices

  • Create a conscious business with balance that allows you to do meaningful work

  • Work in a variety of ways from 1:1 sessions, treatments, programs, retreats, classes, events + more!

Step One: Apply to the Program

The Application Process

When you apply, you can select an upcoming Somatic Coach Certification training date (the program runs every January). We have limited spots available + a few pre-requisites before you are able to start coach training, so be sure to complete this step prior to moving to step 2 so that we can save your spot + ensure your program pre-requisites are underway!
Somatic Coach Training

Step Two: Your Work

Embodying the Somatic Soul Design Process

In order to be accepted into the Certified Somatic Coach program, you must be taking our 1:1 personal coaching program. We believe great coaches are the one's whose inner work is primary. The 12-Session Deep Discovery Somatic Soul Design journey will allow you to truly transform throughout your time with us + it will be foundational in your ability to learn + teach with confidence what you yourself have experienced. You must begin these sessions prior to training + continue your work on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The cost of your 1:1 coaching is $250/month; it is not part of the coach certification tuition.
What is Somatic Coaching?

Step Three: Reiki Practitioner Certification

Register for the Spring or Fall Reiki Practitioner Certification Retreat

Completing your Reiki Practitioner Certification is a requirement for being accepted into the Somatic Coaching Certification Program, even if you don't intend on practicing Reiki in its traditional hands-on format. Usui Reiki is foundational in Mode's Somatic Soul Design process + coaching approach. Reiki will give you hands-on experience working with multidimensional energy, innate intelligence + the body ... and it will teach you in a way nothing else possibly could. Reiki is a profound ancient healing practice + a true gift to a highly sensitive practitioner. (Reiki Practitioner Training is open to anyone, even if you do not want to do coach training).
Step Two: Reiki Practitioner Certification

Step Four: Meditation

It's time to be still + get ready to begin ...

Once your application for coach training has been accepted + you have completed your registration for the program, you will receive access to begin your 40-Hour Somatic Meditation Facilitator training (if you have previously completed this training separate from the program it will be credited). Somatic meditation + the art of facilitating guided meditation will prove invaluable to your confidence + leadership in somatic coaching. Not to mention, it will do wonders for your life + professional practice.
40-Hour Somatic Meditation Facilitator Training picture of a woman

The Somatic Coaching Curriculum

Enjoy a diverse multidimensional learning program.

Program Testimonials

Hear what some of our past students have to say ...

Program Details

Everything you need to know about the 120-Hour Somatic Coaching Certification Program

What is Somatic Coaching?

The body holds the blueprint for healing + transformation

What is Somatic Coaching?

Certification Requirements

Completing Your Final Assessment

Certification Requirements


Here are a few common questions asked:

  • Do I have to complete my certification by a certain time?

    You will have 1-year post program to complete your certification. Should you not make the 1-year deadline, you may apply for an 'Alumni Refresh' to retake the program the following year.

  • Can the case study hours be with the other coaches in the program?

    Yes, after training you will be able to use anyone for your case studies in order to complete your hours. In your coaching case studies you will not be able to use a person more than 2 times + 2 of your case studies will use 4 on-going sessions with a single client so that you can experience working with a client over a longer period of time.

  • Does certification cost extra?

    There is a $150 assessment fee to complete your certification and have your certificate mailed.

  • How much time do I need for the online learning monthly modules?

    It is important to set aside 4-hours per week to study your online material + be ready for your 2 x monthly zoom weekend classes. Preparation with your online learning + personal embodiment practices will be key to optimizing your in-class learning. Some weeks are lighter than others but as the program progresses you will be adding case study clients in 1-3 times per week depending on your schedule.

  • What if I have already completed Reiki Training?

    If you have already completed your Reiki level 1 + 2 training, along with actively treating others on a regular basis, you may apply for an exemption. You are absolutely welcome to attend the Reiki Practitioner Retreat + redo your training with The Mode School regardless.

  • What if I live out of town, province, country?

    No problem, the only in-person part is the Reiki Practitioner Retreat. We will ensure you find Reiki Level I+II training in your area that is comparable (or by one of our master students local to you). You may wish to make the journey to us to complete the training. The retreat centre is located in Fort Erie, ON, Canada, 30-minutes across the border from the Buffalo Airport in USA.

  • What should I expect for weekend classes?

    There are 2 Saturday classes each month, January - April (2 last Saturdays of each month). Classes are on zoom from 11am - 3pm EST, with 2 x 15 minute breaks + 1 x 30 minute break for lunch. Expect interactive slide presentations, demonstrations, exercises, + breakout rooms for practice coaching. You are expected to attend 80% of your weekend classes in order to complete the program. Recordings of the lessons will be provided.

  • How much can you make as a Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator, or Coach?

    *Reiki Practitioners typically charge $80 - $220 per session, with Coaches charging $120 - $300 per session or $1500 - $3000 per package, and Meditation Facilitators often making $400 - $1500 per event. Retreat income can range from $2000 - $10,000 depending on number of participants. *Prices are for illustration purposes only, The Mode School does not guarantee any income or revenue based on taking its programs.

  • What are the total costs associated with Somatic Coach Certification?

    12-session 1:1 Coaching Package ($1800) Reiki Level I+II Practitioner Retreat ($975) Somatic Coach Certification ($2500)*The Somatic Coach Certification Program cost includes the Somatic Meditation Facilitator Training at no extra charge.