It's time to start doing business differently.


Hear from our alumni network of coaches, health + wellness professionals + highly sensitive entrepreneurs.

The Accelerator Includes a Professional Step-by-Step Online Business Planning Program

"...designed to guide people with a business idea, even beginners, step by step, helping them plan, evaluate and develop their ideas independently."

~ The Globe and Mail

Self-Study Online Learning

Everything you need, whenever you need it.

Our professional online business program has been designed to provide you with everything you need, whenever you need it, with lifetime access. The online business program is a self-paced planning program to accompany your 1:1 coaching sessions. Whether you need to strategize, develop content, or create a campaign launch, we provide you with access to everything you need. You will also receive a downloadable copy of the best-seller, The Idea Guide for Women Entrepreneurs.

Praise for The Idea Guide

The New MODE of Business

"Science is beginning to validate that rather than reality shaping our lives, our lives actually shape reality ... for better or worse. Caroline Watters' book, The New Mode of Business, is part of a global awakening of consciousness delivered in a personal, accessible and practical way. She inspires and and guides women to shape their lives in the form of their deepest aspirations and boldest vision for professional success."

~ Laura Adams, Special Advisor, National Academy of Medicine

Get the Business Strategy, Coaching, + Mentorship Support You Need for Success

Building a business with 1:1 professional support is key; whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for years, the Accelerator is designed with 360 degrees of an entrepreneur in mind.

Business Discovery, Strategy, + Mentorship

1:1 Business Coaching with Mode's Founder

In the Accelerator you begin with 2 powerful 1:1, 90-minute sessions with Caroline to get your initial strategy pulled together so you can confidently move forward to build, create + grow. You also have weekly Mentorship Office Hours with Caroline to get any of your questions answered and drop into an intuitive place to bounce off your ideas + ongoing strategy development. With almost two decades of business-marketing experience, Caroline has worked with hundreds of women to help them reach their full potential in life and business.

Business Coaching with the Experts

1:1 Support with Mind-Body Business Coaches + Entrepreneurs

In the Accelerator you are supported by 10 x 1:1, 60-minute business coaching sessions with our Mind-Body Mode Coaches + proven successful entrepreneurs. These 1:1 coaching sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your workload. They are designed to support 360 degrees of the highly sensitive entrepreneur, so don't hesitate to bring any issue to coaching that is affecting your business-building success.
Picture of Caroline Watters and her book

The Mode Alumni Network

We Rise Together.

Women naturally possess everything it takes to be wildly successful in business, especially when we stick together + operate in alignment with our own personal truth + values. A strong, supportive sisterhood creates an innovative haven for women in business + a BIG opportunity to rise together! At MODE, our Alumni Network is where you will meet some of the most talented, intuitive, creative and heart-centered humans I have ever encountered in the business world.

EVOLVE Business Mastermind

FREE for Accelerator Members!

"Evolve was exactly what I needed to light a fire back inside of me and get me excited about my business again! I have felt a bit lost on my path lately and I now have clarity and a plan!" - @thecrunchiecanine Accelerator members get free access to EVOLVE. If you + your business need to re-focus + re-fuel mind, body + soul ... these unique business masterminds are a powerful biz awakening to take you to the next level.

Professional Development

At MODE we believe in life-long learning, sharing our gifts and the value of always developing oneself in a variety of ways. At various times throughout the year, we offer different events and workshops (often free for our Alumni) and generally led by our incredible in-house faculty of Mind-Body Coaches + Entrepreneurs.
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Accelerator Pricing + Details

Investing in YOU + your business.


Build the life + business you were meant to.


Make the right investment in you and your business.

Need to talk it through?

At MODE we want you to feel confident in your decisions + investments in business. This call is to find out if we are the right fit; there are no icky sales here.

The true value of the Accelerator

You'll have access to everything a business + entrepreneur needs to grow:

  • Business Education

    Business school can cost up to $200,000 and take up to 4+ years to complete. In the Accelerator you get access to a proven and professional business program that was built using the best-selling book 'The Idea Guide' (now revised for women). This powerful online business building, planning + strategy program is designed to get you growing!

  • Online Marketing Strategy

    Scaling a business requires an online marketing strategy that relies on a true understanding of your market, ideal client, and offerings. A professional marketing strategist can cost a business $10,000 to $150,000/year. The Accelerator is designed + led by a professional marketing strategist with 2 decades under her belt.

  • Business Coaching

    Powerful coaching that grows you + your business. Hiring a business coach with significant professional experience can cost anywhere from $15,000 - $50,000+/year. In the Accelerator you have 1:1 sessions with mind-body mode certified coaches and successful entrepreneurs currently working in the Health + Wellness Industry. Plus 1:1 discovery + strategy sessions, and Mentorship Office Hours with Mode's Founder.

  • Financial Planning

    Growing and scaling your business, being able to make critical decisions now and in the future, as well as preparation for acquiring funding will require you to have a solid financial plan for your entrepreneurial journey. The Accelerator not only teaches you what you need to know but also provides you with the templates to have a solid financial foundation for your business.

  • Sales Development

    Successful businesses have solid sales processes run by Sales Executives earning $75,000 to $150,000. Without these individuals to design and manage the sales process it can take years to iterate if not planned well from the beginning. In our program, you will leverage our years of designing sales processes for new and growing businesses.

  • Network of Peer Support

    The cost of a supportive network is priceless. Entrepreneurs who are successful report having a peer group to bounce off ideas, work through challenges, and keep each other inspired and accountable. The Accelerator gives you access to an incredible network of passionate and supportive women in business where together we GROW.